Tom and Sage Holland Glass Retreat

Monday September 25, 2017 to Friday, September 29, 2017

Classes run 8am -4pm daily

Open torch 4pm to 8pm daily

"If you like the idea of creating ever more complex innovative wearable glass art this bead camp may be for you. Come retreat with a nurturing circle of folks who are passionate about glass beadmaking and deepening forms of expression through a long list of techniques. Play with molten color in a high desert setting and share "AHA!" moments in five inspirational days and crisp star filled nights. We will have free flowing torch time and dally lessons in inspirational practices for honing skills in surface design and control in achieving those dream beads." Sage


Photo by David Orr Photography

Class Content

Make talismans with multiple shaped components and intricate patterns, learn several clear casing methods, murrine cane, cased stringers and multiple ribbon canes twisted canes of several varieties, fancy hollow beads, elegant vessel beads and amphora,mask beads and conversation beads, delicate feathering and knifing of intense stringer layouts, floral beads and folded beads and all their possibilities, multiple bead beads such as prayer scrolls, bent beads and life rings, family tree, heart beads, outrageous eye beads and much more because we have 5 days! 


Photo by David Orr Photography

Presentations and Discussions

It is hard to achieve some thing really new in the bead world, but it is also important to first take in as many ancient techniques as possible to find a new voice, This is why we plan on also having ancient bead discussions and presentations during lunch or in the evenings. A kind of intimate bead conference to remember for decades to come.  We are delighted that Tom has offered to make a presentation to kick off our opening! He is a prolific bead maker and historian, an important contributor to the American glass bead movement. He is a terrific story teller as well. His lovely wife Sage will also be present. Please join us for this lecture at around 2:00 pm. It is a must see event for glass and bead enthusiasts.


About the location

The property is located in the Santa Fe National Forest, in the Glorieta Pass and at the base of the Glorieta Mesa.  Be prepared for some hilly terrain and a mountainside gravel driveway.  The Torch Studio and The Sweeney Collection are housed in buildings that are handicap accessible. While all of the activities will be focused in the studio and workshop space, please note that the grounds around and between buildings and parking areas are not as easily navigable.  

We are at 7440 feet of altitude, so we suggest you arrive a day early in order to acclimate.  Drink plenty of water with electrolytes to before, during, and after the trip.  Temperatures differ 30 degrees between day and night, so bring layers of cotton clothing and a jacket.

Plenty of forest acreage for camping.  The studio has a full bathroom with a shower.  Please bring your own towels, flashlights, etc.