Lezlie Foster's Honeycomb Workshop

Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th

In this class, students will learn all they need to know to make gorgeous honeycomb pieces and use the same techniques to make honeycomb beads that can be strung, honeycomb encased beads and honeycomb encased beads with bee murrini. Students will learn the techniques to make each honeycomb piece completely unique through demonstration, questions, answers and hands on learning. 

On day one, students will be creating the cells that make up the honeycombs using basic honey colors. Students will then move on with learning how to create depth and interest in their pieces through the use of color layering. We will put the pieces together to form honeycombs and students will learn how to achieve the look of honey dripping from the pieces. Students will also learn to take the cells and make beads with them. 

On day two, students will learn the basics of coldworking. Students will take the honeycombs and beads they have made and learn to coldwork them using a flat lap machine and/or wet belt sander. These skills are not only needed for the honeycombs but can also be very useful in other work. Students will learn several different ways to make encased honeycomb beads as well as adding murrini to those beads. We will cover the basics of placing murrini and encasing them. 

The price of this class will be $300.00. Half is due at registration and the remainder is due on June 18th. Cancellations received before June 18th will receive a full refund, after June 18 a refund will only be issued if the seat is sold and a $50 cancellation fee will be withheld. We need at least four students to make this class run. 

About Lezlie: 

Lezlie has been a full time beadmaker and glass artist, working in her home studio, since 2012. In 2014, while playing with the Venetian style of putting cane together to form different designs, she saw in the patterns the potential for beautiful honeycombs. She soon began concentrating solely on developing and refining the techniques. Her pieces have been published in books and magazines and have won numerous awards. She presented a scaled down version of the process during the ISGB Gathering in Las Vegas, NV in 2017 and is now teaching the techniques to other beadmakers. 

For the last year, Lezlie has been moving toward making blown glass and memorial pieces and working more often with borosilicate glass. She and her husband are in the process of building her dream studio on their small ranch in the western Colorado Rocky Mountains so that she has more room for bigger projects and one on one classes. 

She loves working in her flower gardens, where she nurtures plant varieties that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. She enjoys weekends riding their mules on the quiet first trails not far from their home, boating on the nearby lake and photographing the abundant wildlife in the area.