Studio Details

The torch studio will be open during the retreat from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. The studio is outfitted mainly with Nortel Minor torches, with a total of 12 stations.  You are welcome to bring your own torch, if you prefer. At each station we have a 6 X 6 graphite pad, dunk jar, and mandrel holders. You are expected to bring your own favorite everyday hand tools, including blow pipes and puffy mandrels. The shop will have some tools available to borrow, but we do not have enough for every single station. Best bet, bring your own.  We will generally have mandrels on hand for sale. Please mark your mandrels.  Once you've registered, you will receive a detailed materials list.  There is a wide variety of glass colors for sale in the studio, which run from $1 to $5 per rod.

The property is located in the Santa Fe National Forest, in the Glorieta Pass and at the base of the Glorieta Mesa.  Be prepared for some hilly terrain and a mountainside gravel driveway.  The Torch Studio and The Sweeney Collection are housed in buildings that are handicap accessible.  


We are at 7440 feet of altitude, so we suggest you arrive a day early in order to acclimate.  Drink plenty of water with electrolytes to before, during, and after the trip.  Temperatures differ 30 degrees between day and night, so bring layers of cotton clothing and a jacket. Please read up about altitude sickness so that you will be aware of any possible symptoms, the major one having shortness of breath. The best cure is oxygen supplements, which we have in the studio, or return to a lower altitude. 

There is plenty of forest acreage for camping. The ground will be hard to put stakes in but we have lots of heavy rocks. The studio has a full bathroom with a shower.  Please bring your own towels, flashlights, etc. Other campsites can be had at the Santa Fe KOA which is only five miles away. 

Travel and Accomodations

Glorieta Glassworks is located 20 minutes south east of Santa Fe, NM.  Most visitors fly into the Albuquerque airport, but there are direct flights into Santa Fe from certain locations and mainly American Airlines partners.  We will be making an Albuquerque airport run for up to four people at 5pm on Saturday, July 21st.  Please let us know in advance if you need an airport pick up.  Due to the Grand Opening, we will not be offering an airport run on Sunday, July 22nd.  If you need to arranged shuttle service, we recommend Sandia Shuttle Express.  

Your accommodation options are: Santa Fe hotels or motels, AirBnB, VRBO, Santa Fe KOA or on site camping. (see Studio Details above) Other local travel options click here.